Article I - Objectives
The main objectives of the organization shall be:
A     Friendly association among its members.
B     The maintenance of a high standard of ethical and sound business practices among its members.
C   The interchange of information which will tend to improve the business of marine insurance and related industries and to maintain the same in accordance with equitable and lawful business principles.

Article II - Name

This organization shall be known as the "Ft. Lauderdale Mariners Club, Inc."

Article III - Membership   

    Section 1.
Membership shall be open to all individuals who are employed in the management, administration and/or technical support of the marine insurance industry, and any or all related marine positions.
    Section 2.
Application for membership and admission to this Club shall be sponsored by two members in good standing. Such applicant's name shall be submitted by the First Mate to a membership committee for consideration and approval. If approved for membership, the applicant shall become a member of this Club upon payment of dues for the then current year.

    Section 3.
Membership shall be individual and not as a representative of a company or organization.

    Section 4.
A member may resign at any time upon submitting a written resignation to the Skipper. In the event the status of an individual changes, or a member is no longer in the marine insurance industry or any and all related industries for more than 60 days, the Executive Committee is hereby authorized to ask for the resignation of such member, if they deem it advisable. A member may be expelled from the Club for cause upon unanimous vote of all of the duly elected officers. The member is to be advised by mail of the action of the officers by the Skipper.

    Section 5. Honorary Membership
Any person associated with the marine industry but not eligible for regular membership, may be elected an Honorary Member of the Club by unanimous vote at any regular meeting. Any Honorary Member shall be entitled to all privileges of a Regular Member except holding office or voting upon any question or motion and shall not be called upon for payment of dues. Any Regular Member, upon retiring from his position automatically assumes the status of an Honorary Member.

    Section 6. Guests of Members or Honorary Members
Any person may be brought to club meetings by current members or honorary members in good standing on two occasions. Thereafter, that person, if eligible for membership under Section 1. or Section 5. must apply for membership or be elected for membership respectively. Guests must be paid for in accordance with agreed procedures in respect to regular meetings. Guests for club special events will be handled according to procedures agreed on for those events.

Article IV - Officers

    Section 1 .
The officers shall consist of a Skipper, a First Mate, a Purser, a Yeoman and a Program Director, each of whom to be elected at the November meeting and take office at the succeeding meeting.

    Section 2.
Officers may hold the same position more than once but not in consecutive years unless the position cannot be filled otherwise. Time served filling a vacancy between elections shall not be considered as part of an elected term.

    Section 3.
The Skipper shall be the executive head of the Club. It shall be the duty of the Skipper to preside at all meetings of the Club; to enforce due observation of the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules of Order; to decide on all questions or order; offer for consideration all motions regularly made; appoint all committees not otherwise provided for; and to perform such other duties as the office may require. The Skipper shall be eligible to make a motion or amendment, and vote on any question or motion. If the vote is equally divided, then the Skipper shall cast the deciding vote. The Skipper shall be an "ex-officio" member of all committees.

Nominations for the office of Skipper will be accepted only if the nominee has previously (or currently) served two years in any voting officer position. In the unusual event that those eligible to be nominated for Skipper are unable to accept the nomination, then nominations for Skipper would be made based on a minimum one year of service as either Treasurer or Program Director and approved by all voting officers.

    Section 4.
The First Mate shall serve as the assistant executive of the Club and in the absence of the Skipper shall assume those duties. The First Mate shall head Membership Committee and shall compile and maintain the membership directory. Nominations for the office of First Mate will be accepted only if the nominee has previously (or currently) served for one year as either Treasurer or Yeoman.

    Section 5.
The Purser shall be the Treasurer of the Club, and in the absence of the Skipper and First Mate, shall assume the executive duties of the Club. It shall be the responsibility of the Purser (Treasurer) to present a reckoning of funds paid and received to the Skipper and to provide a record of transactions including debits and credits, cause the preparation of the Annual Tax Returns and maintenance of Corporate Status with the Secretary of State for the State of Florida, and the collection of all monies from the Club members for dues, lunches, etc. Nominations for the office of Purser will be accepted only if the nominee has served or is currently serving for one year as Yeoman, Program Director or Seminar Chairperson. In the unusual event that those eligible to be nominated for Purser are unable to accept the nomination, then nominations for Purser would be based on a minimum of one year of service in a "year served position" and approved by all voting officers.

    Section 6.
The Yeoman shall be the Club secretary and act as assistant to the Purser. In the absence of the Skipper, First Mate and Purser, the Yeoman shall assume the executive duties of the Club.

    Section 7.
The Program Director shall assume the duties of arranging luncheon and dinner meeting speakers and shall appoint an Assistant Program Director.

    Section 8.
The Seminar Committee Chairperson will be responsible for all arrangements related to the successful conduct of the annual seminar to include organizing and overseeing all programs, speakers, facilities, sponsorships, and other activities related to the seminar. The Activities Chairperson will arrange and conduct all social activities scheduled annually by the Club. The Historian will collect and maintain all historical documents, and photograph all Club activities. The Bos'n will maintain all member badges, coordinate all lunch and meeting site arrangements, and record member and guest reservations. The foregoing will serve in their respective capacities as non-voting officers.

    Section 9.
The positions of Assistant Program Director(s), Seminar Committee Chairperson, Activities Chairperson, Club Historian and Bos'n are recognized as constituting a "year served". The positions are open to nomination from the Club at large subject to Club Officers approval. In the event there are no nominations or volunteers, the voting officers may appoint these positions. Year served positions do no carry officer voting privilege. Year served positions do provide basis for nomination to voting officer positions.

    Section 10.
All officers and committee chairpersons shall report their activities to the Skipper monthly, or more frequently if deemed necessary.

Article V - Committees

      Section 1.
There shall be an Executive Committee consisting the last five (5) serving Skippers of the Club who are members in good standing; the retiring Skipper shall be chairman. If at any time five (5) retiring Skippers are not available to comprise the Executive Committee, the Officers of the Club shall appoint Executive Committee members as necessary to maintain the number of five on that Committee, incorporating the annual addition of the retiring Skipper. The Executive Committee is not to exceed five (5) members. The Executive Committee is an honorary committee and may be called upon to assist in nominations or special events. The Executive Committee may submit motions to the general membership for voting upon if they believe that the current officers are in violation of the Bylaws or the intent of the club, or are in any way causing harm to the club.

    Section 2.
Expenditures in excess of $500 that have not been adopted as part of the annual budget require the approval of a majority of the voting officers. 

The Seminar Committee, for each seminar, will submit to the voting Officers for approval an operating budget prior to making any commitment for expenses to any vendor other than contract guarantees for the event location and other customary major services that must be procured in advance. After the seminar budget is approved by a majority of the voting officers, the seminar committee is granted authority to work within said budget without further approval for the current year unless the changes would alter the budgeted expenses by more than 5%. The exception is to be made to allow the Seminar Committee Chair to approve line item expenditures that will not increase the Officer's approved seminar budget by more than 5%. A majority vote of all Officers must approve an increase to the seminar budget of more than 5%.

    Section 3.
At least 30 days prior to the October meeting, the Executive Committee shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of three members. It shall be the duty of this committee, at the October meeting, to present for the consideration of the membership, a slate of officers to serve the Organization during the succeeding year. The nominating committee shall endeavor to nominate at least two (2) candidates for each position. Nominations may be made from the floor but each such nomination must have two seconds. The Skipper may call for a voice vote if the slate proposed by the Nominating Committee is unopposed. Should there be more than one nominee for an office, a secret ballot must be held. The nominee receiving the majority of the votes cast will be elected to the office in questions. In the event no one nominee receives a majority of votes cast, the top two candidates shall then have a secret run-off to decide who shall be elected to the office in question. Voting, if necessary , will take place at the November meeting.

    Section 4.
In the event of the permanent absence of any elected officer or officers of the Club, it shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to make the appointment(s) necessary to fill the vacancy or vacancies resulting from such permanent absence(s). The appointed officer or officers shall serve until his duly elected successor assumes office in accordance with Article IV, Section and Article V. Section 3. Interim appointments made under this provision will be announced at the first meeting following receipt of notice, by the Executive Committee, of the permanent absence of any officer or officers.

    Section 5. Committees.
The Activities Chairperson shall be responsible for soliciting volunteers or appointing committee members to aid in planning and execution of club social events. These committees shall consist of the number of members who volunteer to serve and do serve and/or the number of members the Activities Chairperson requires for certain events. It shall be the duty of the Activities Chairperson to report to voting officers of plans in development and costs attached thereto in respect of and in compliance with Article V, Section 2.

Article VI - Meetings

    Section 1.
The annual meeting shall be held in November at a place and time designated by the officers.

    Section 2.
Regular meetings shall be held on the first working Thursday of each month unless another meeting or special club event is scheduled in the month and announced to the membership at least 30 days prior to the normally scheduled meeting.

    Section 3.
The Program Director shall have charge of arranging suitable programs for each regular meeting to be aided as necessary by the Assistant Program Directors. Responsibility shall fall to the Assistant Program Directors, to be aided by other officers, in the event of illness, absence or resignation of the Program Director.

    Section 4.
The yeoman shall prepare and distribute a monthly newsletter which shall announce all upcoming club activities and the details for the next monthly meeting. The newsletter shall be mailed to each member at least ten days prior to the next monthly meeting.

    Section 5.
At the request of five or more members, and upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee, "Special" meetings may be called upon 48 hours notice by mail or telephone to the membership.

    Section 6.
Attendance at all regular meetings shall be open to the entire membership (including Honorary Members). Guests must be accompanied by their member host in order to attend any club activity or meeting.

Article VII - Dues
    Section 1.
Annual dues of Fifty Dollars ($50.) shall be as paid by each member of the Club. The amount of dues may not be changed unless by the approval of 75% of the voting officers and 75% of the general membership attending the next meeting.

    Section 2.
No assessments shall be made except by, and with the approval of 75% of the members in good standing.

    Section 3.
The expenses of maintaining the Club shall be on a strictly cash basis.

    Section 4. 
Annual dues shall be paid upon a member's acceptance to the Club. Annual dues will not be pro-rated. Any member whose dues are in arrears 30 days following the January meeting is to be notified by the Purser. Failure to pay dues by the February meeting is to be notified by the Purser. Failure to pay dues by the February meeting will result in forfeiture of active membership and the Purser shall so notify the delinquent member. A member so dropped from the Club may apply for reinstatement by a letter to the Skipper and payment of full delinquent dues plus a penalty of $10. 

A member so dropped from the Club may apply for reinstatement by a letter to the skipper and payment of full delinquent dues plus a penalty of $10. The member's name must be presented to the membership committee and approval of reinstatement granted by an affirmative vote of that committee. 

    Section 5.
Any member may be expelled from the club by a majority vote of the voting officers if his outstanding debt to the club has not been paid after two (2) written warnings at least thirty days apart.

Article VIII - Voting

    Section 1.
Each regular member shall have one vote. All matters shall be determined by a majority vote, with the exception of amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws, and assessments or as otherwise provided.

    Section 2.
Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws and the adoption of new Bylaws shall become effective by an affirmative vote of at least 75% of those regular members present.

    Section 3.
Any matter, subject to vote by the membership, may, with approval of the officers, be voted upon by mail and, any proposal submitted to mail vote shall carry if it receives 75% of the votes cast. Notice of any proposal so authorized shall be mailed to the members not less than fifteen (15) days prior to the final date fixed by the officers for voting thereon.

Article IX - Bylaws

    Section 1. Order of Business
    Reading of Minutes of previous meeting.
    Report of Officers.
    Report of Committees.
    Unfinished Business.
    New Business.
    Guest Speaker Presentation.

Article X - Change of Order of Business
A motion for the change of the order of business, or the postponement of performance of regular duties shall require a vote of a 75% majority of the regular members present. Such a vote for change in the order of business may only become effective for a single meeting.

Article XI - The Rules of the Order of Business
All business of the Club during meetings shall be conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order. All officers and committee meetings of the Fort Lauderdale Mariners Club should be open to any and all members of the Club who are in good standing.

Article XII - Quorum
In order to conduct any general election, or vote upon any motion for which the Bylaws require membership approval, there must be at least 20% of the general membership in attendance. Written proxies of non-attending members shall constitute attendance.