The idea of a "Mariners Club" is not new. The first clubs originated with national sponsorship assistance from Babaco Alarm Systems of Moonachie, New Jersey, during the early 1950s in the Chicago and New York areas. Today, there are more than 30 clubs throughout the country, the largest of which is in Houston.

    The concept of a local club had been discussed among people in the marine industry for several years. Near the end of 1988, several people in the area, some of whom were members of other clubs, got together and with the assistance of Gary Genovese and Carl Taylor of the law firm of Conrad, Scherer & James, decided to proceed with the idea. These "founding members" who served as the first board for the club had the first official meeting of the Ft. Lauderdale Mariners Club at the Cafe De Geneve on March 2, 1989. Those who joined early on comprised the "Charter Members" of the Club.

    The idea of a social club composed of people from all facets of the marine industry caught on quickly. Today, the club numbers over 200 active members from all parts of the marine industry here in South Florida and beyond.

    Objectives of the club are simple and straightforward. It is a non-profit, non-political organization devoted to promote friendly associations among our members, to encourage high standards of business practice throughout the community, and to provide a forum to improve the marine industry here in South Florida.

    The focal point of the club's activities is the seminar held prior to the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in October of each year. The first seminar, held in 1989, was well attended by over 150 people. Recent seminars have drawn well over 500 participants from all walks of the marine community. The always interesting slate of speakers, coupled with the opportunity for attendees to interact with each other in a vibrant setting, has made each seminar a truly international event.

    Monthly luncheons, along with purely social events held throughout the year, are planned to provide friendly settings for our members to get together. Although competitors in one sense, club members have a lot in common and a lot to offer each other. The club strives to be an avenue for free discussions and exchanges of information that will be of assistance to all members.

    All seminar attendees and other interested parties are invited to meet with members to swap ideas and thoughts and discover some common ground. The Ft. Lauderdale Mariners Club is your club, designed to benefit each member individually and the group as a whole.