(FLMC 2021)

0700 – 0800                  Continental Breakfast sponsored by MARKEL & Cox Wooton Lerner Griffin & Hansen

0800 - 0820                  Welcome and Opening Remarks

0820 - 0915                  Thankfully lightning doesn’t strike in the same place twice. A fresh perspective on lightning damage, risk assessment and loss adjusting. As vessels become more sophisticated, the high repair costs associated with lightning damage is becoming electrifying.

0915 - 1010                  Fire—An Act of God or perhaps an act of man? The phrase generally brings to mind hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, hail, or floods. However, the lines can be fuzzier than most people realize.

1010 - 1030                  Morning Break  sponsored by TRAVELERS & Davant Law, P.A.

1030 - 1100                  Keynote Address: TBN

1100 - 1155                  How did God Make it Into Millions of Contracts? There are differences between an Act of God, Force Majeure and Inevitable Accident. When looking at the classic Tropical Cyclone, experience and technology have provided us the tools to forecast, avoid, evade and in many cases to weather the storm successfully. Where does God fit into the equation?

1155 – 1200                  Announcements

1200 - 1330                  LUNCH BUFFET sponsored by AIG 

1330 - 1430                  Maritime Theft, Thou Shall Not Steal: Vessel theft continues to be in the news and progress is being made to control the problem. However, there is another level of theft not in the news; the lucrative business of stealing expensive components for resale is challenging law enforcement and insurers alike.

1430 - 1530                  They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters: Why do we continue to experience underwriting difficulties such as ensuring compliance with the concept of Utmost Good Faith / Fair Presentation (UK), or Express and Implied Warranties of Seaworthiness? Add Business Interruption, complex contacts, compliance with a multitude of regulations and other new concepts to this discussion and there is much to talk about.

1530 - 1600                  Afternoon Break  sponsored by TBN

1600 - 1700                  Who is going to stop me? The United States Coast Guard is tasked with enforcing many of our domestic maritime laws and their most recent target is illegal chartering. The issues surrounding this subject include but are not limited to owners liability, insurance coverage, flag/registry issues, potential seizure of the vessel, and safety concerns for guests, crew and the environment.

1700 - 1715                  Closing Remarks / Vacation Raffle sponsored by Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage.

1715 - 2000                  Cocktail Reception sponsored by Safe Waters & Horr Novak & Skipp, PA.



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