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1800 – 2200  Meet The Speakers Reception sponsored by:
The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort Convention Center | The Atlantic Ballroom


0700 - 0800  Continental Breakfast sponsored by:
The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort Convention Center | The Las Olas Ballroom

0800 - 0830            Welcome And Opening Remarks

0830 - 0930            Training – Arming a new generation of Marine Insurers and                                           Attorneys– it’s more than a numbers game:

Insurance graduates know how the math works, premium paid, etc. The same goes for young attorneys; they may know the law but do they really know how to be an attorney? What does it take; who should and is being trained in the business and what is really involved to be fluent in the trade beyond the math or the law books? Is there value to on-line training, CE’s, CLE’s, licensing, board certification?

Speakers:   Rich McAlpin, McAlpin-Conroy (Panel Moderator)
  Rick Salway, Great American Insurance Group
  Paul Miller, Hiscox MGA

0930 - 1030            Education and Training: Do you know what they know?

Modern technology has allowed Captain Ron to become Admiral Nelson, but is it a substitute for comprehensive education and training of the person at the helm? Insurers and attorneys should understand that there is a double standard for commercial and recreational operators even though the task is the same. Is training and certification by regulation the right answer or an infringement on the concept of the right to free navigation?

Speakers:   Michael Reardon, Reardon Yacht Consulting (Panel Moderator)
  Graeme Holman, STAR Center
  V/C Craig D. Fraser, United States Power Squadrons

1030 - 1045            Morning Break

1045 - 1100            Keynote Address

There is no substitute for Education, Training and Knowledge.  Our keynote speaker, the United States Maritime Administrator, will outline how the Maritime Administration is working to meet industry needs for highly trained and skilled mariners today and into our future.

Speakers: James E. Mercante, Esq
  Honorable Mark H. Buzby (RADM USN, Ret), United States Maritime Administration

1100 - 1200            Knowledge after the injury: Oh my aching back!

Although only one person really can say how much it hurts, there is a science and technology of diagnosis and treatment. Our professionals will explain how insurers and attorneys determine if the alleged injury is real or merely a path to early retirement on someone else’s dime. People do get injured, they do require treatment, and there is a process for the injured to follow beyond the billboard on the highway that states I can have millions for my injury if I just call this number.

Speakers: Adria Notari, Notari Law (Panel Moderator)
  Allison Kelly, US Maritime
  Christina DeSimone, Future Care Inc.

1200 - 1315            LUNCH BUFFET

1315 - 1330            Assemble - Prepare for afternoon session

1330 - 1430            Did you know jail was a possibility? And what do you know about                                   environmental regulations?

The traditional target was oil tankers and cruise lines but today the same laws apply to a 32-foot day boat. The purpose of environmental regulations is for all the right reasons, but how should regulators deal fairly with serious and minor infractions? Criminalization is the new concept and large fines levied on small vessels can equal or exceed its value. Can we limit liability in a pollution-environmental matter? 

Speakers: Chris Abel, Wilcox Savage (Panel Moderator)
  Jamie Raich, United States Attorney’s Office, U.S Dept. of Justice
  Ryan Puttick, Water Quality Insurance Syndicate / WQIS

1430 - 1530            What you don’t know:

Does the concept of “manning a vessel” and “standing a watch” go out the door when technology has removed the human factors of navigation and engineering functions? Automation has practical applications, technical problems, industry acceptance and insurance related issues. There are also concerns of cyber related threats and the potential of higher than replacement costs of technical repairs. Insurance and legal problems abound on this subject.

Speakers: Bryan Emond, S-E-A Ltd. (Panel Moderator)
  Brian Goodwin, The American Boat & Yacht Council
  Buddy Morgan, Island Marine Electronics

1530 - 1600            Afternoon Break

1600 - 1700            Now What Have We Learned?

We open with a case study that highlights how simply and easily things can go wrong “after” a day on the water. A tale about security, marina contracts, multiple losses, multiple insurers and the lessons learned. Our panel will provide a refresher and review of a typical yacht risk and loss scenario including management of the claim and insight about how the different insurances would respond to the different elements of the incident.

Speakers: Nicola Kingman, Shipowners P&I
  Laura Sherrod, Private Insurance Services
  Nancy Poppe, Willis Marine Superyachts
  Raul Chacon, Manning Gross + Massenburg LLP.

1700 - 1715            Closing Remarks and Vacation Package Raffle

1715 - 2000            Post Seminar Cocktail Reception


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